The Howell Story 

The Howell Story- a letter to you from the owner. 

After several years as the sales manager for a large home improvement company in Chicago, Illinois in the 70’s and early 80’s, I woke up in the middle of winter (in January of 1983) with the realization of how close to the North Pole Chicago is. I looked at 150 cities and towns in the South, from Georgia/Florida to California. Texas jumped out for many reasons, not the least of which is the absence of a state income tax. The charm of San Antonio, the inherent patriotism of “military city USA” and the blending of cultures sold me on the idea of this being a great place to have my children grow up.  The legacy I envisioned for the future was based on honesty/integrity, quality in workmanship and materials, (bad workmanship can ruin even the best quality materials), and the principle of delivering more than that for which you are paid.  

In order to to offer the competitive pricing along with the materials and services of excellence our customers deserve (and have come to expect), we are required to generate sufficient revenue. There are, however, remunerations in the home improvement business beyond those of a financial nature. For instance, a room addition which allows a growing family the ability to stay in a home with neighbors they have come to love is a reward difficult to equal. There is also a great reward in being able to see the tangible results of our projects with the realization that the improvements we have built actually improve the lives of our customers. It is good to make a difference.

My son, Trevor, was on the way when Howell Enterprises was established to San Antonio in March. 1983, and he was born in January of 1984, so he has spent his entire life with Howell Enterprises. As I approach my fifth decade as a sole proprietor, in my mid-70s, it looks like Howell Enterprises will graduate into a corporation under Trevor's knowledgeable and energetic leadership while holding the values of honesty and integrity. I have been blessed with the considerable assistance, encouragement and tolerance of my wife Donna over the last dozen years as Howell Enterprises has prospered, I know Trevor has the same kind of support as his family grows. 

We are dedicated to serving you, your family, and your home. 

Gerald L. Howell


“Trevor is one of a kind.”
— Jill Poppy

“We had some really bad issues with one of our rental properties. We had gotten quotes from a few people and felt so overwhelmed. Luckily a family friend recommended Howell Enterprises. Trevor came over and put our mind at ease. He really went above and beyond for us and we have used him ever since.”
— Katherine Carey

“Trevor is the first person I call when one of my properties has any kind of roof damage.”
— Neva Legg
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