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You roof is the first line of defense against the elements. There are many working parts that make a good roofing system. From the type of decking to the type of ventilation, and choosing the right roofing materials for your application, we specialize in bring all these aspects together to give you piece of mind in knowing your roof won't leak, and is performing all its duties.

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3.Roofing Shingles: In this diagram you see a dimensional or laminate composition asphalt shingle. The cost of your roof will be largely determined by the type of roofing shingle or material you chose. Please click here for more information on the types of roofing materials that are available and guide you to choosing the material that is right for you.

4.Starter Strip: Used to insure the first row of shingles around the entire perimeter of your roof have a solid hold, and don’t blow up in high winds and rain

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Electricity is nothing to mess with. Make sure to always call a professional like us before tackling any type of electrical troubleshooting or project


Leaks can happen even were you don't see them. If you notice it's muddy outside when it hasn't rained, you may have plumbing issues that we can help with.


Roofing Diagram

  1. Ridge Cap: The ridge cap is the last part of your roof that is installed. Installation of this final component is crucial to insuring your roof does not leak.

  2. Ridge Vent: There are many types of attic ventilation that can be installed. Ridge vent is extremely popular because heat rises, and what better place to install a vent than the highest point on your roof. Unfortunately most roofing contractors do not install ridge vent properly. Click here to learn more about ventilation and proper ridge vent application

    5. Leak Barrier: This material should adhere directly to the decking, and provides extra protection against water that flows underneath the last row of shingles

    6. Decking: Every roof will have some type of decking material that sits directly on the framing of your roofing structure

    7. Underlayment: This is a vapor barrier, and the last line of defense against any water that has found its way under the shingles.


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Got a chandelier or ceiling fan you need installed? There is basically nothing that we can't do


From flooring, decks and patios to framing cabinetry and siding, we will help you through the entire process of designing your space to making it just the way you envisioned it.