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Outdated windows can mean energy inefficiency throughout your home. When your monthly utility bills are inexplicably high, it might be time to consider installing new windows. At Howell Enterprises, we have access to the highest quality windows on the market! Aside from the energy savings provided by new windows, you’ll love the stylish look of our modern products. Whether you want to make your home more marketable or you're simply tired of staring at outdated windows, our installation services will enhance the look and functionality of your property. 

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The City of San Antonio features all sorts of architectural influences. Many local buildings reflect the Spanish and Mexican roots of Texas, while other structures are heavily informed by French design. On top of that, San Antonio, TX features many modern homes, which feature clean lines and perpendicular angles. When you consider the versatile nature of San Antonio architecture, it's no wonder that local homeowners request all sorts of replacement windows. Fortunately, Howell Enterprises offers an array of replacement windows to suit your needs.
  • Double-Hung Windows - Double hung windows feature a pair of sashes within the window frame, which are both operable. This means that they move up and down independently. Double hung windows also tilt inside for simple cleaning.
  • Casement Windows - These window are attached to the frame by hinges at the side. Oftentimes, these windows are propped open using a casement stay.
  • Picture Windows - These large windows consist of a single pane of glass, and are typically installed within living rooms. They often dominate a particular wall, and present a pleasant view.
  • Storm Windows - Storm windows can be applied to many types of existing windows. In most instances they can be installed on the inside or outside of the primary window. In the end, these windows will drastically improve the energy efficiency of your space.
  • Awning Windows - These windows are hung horizontally and hinged on top. This way, they're able to swing outward. We recommend this sort of window for unique spaces throughout the home.
  • Single-Hung Windows - Single-hung sash windows feature a single sash that is movable. The other sash is fixed. These windows provide classic performance and are generally quite affordable.
  • Bay Windows - These windows project outward from the wall, forming a bay within a selected room. Bay windows jut out from the outside wall of a structure, providing an alcove within.

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Contact us today to discuss your window needs. We offer a variety of shapes and sizes to help you find the exact replacement windows you want. From large picture windows to the most common sized windows, we can make suggestions to fit your style.
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