Next to proper attic insulation, a quality window is your best line of defense against energy loss in the summer and winter months. You may hear people throw out a number of terms like “double pane” or “double glazed” whatever you want to call it; creating an air gap between the outside and inside that is filled with an inert gas, sashes that don’t leak air, and frames that do not have metal exposed that is connected to the inside and out are the most important things when choosing a window that will increase your energy efficiency and keep the cold air in for the summer months and the warm air in during the winter.

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our vinyl windows

Vinyl welded window system includes a single hung and companion single slider, 3-Lite slider, and picture window all featuring a uniform frame appearance, offering consistency in every elevation in your home. The DYC Classic Series offers a slimmer profile unlike older bulky vinyl frames. This new window system is made to order and built in custom and standard sizes and shapes for both replacement and new construction applications.



Our sashes feature among the thickest walls available in residential windows, double wool pile weather strips, and a significant PolyPour thermal break chamber.